Hi there 👋 I'm Batuhan

Software Engineer, Musician from Turkey. Currently I'm working as a Tech Lead at Refine

My programming journey began with the discovery that I could edit websites, after seeing my index.html file created with Notepad++ can actually move text around in the browser with <marquee> tag.

Commercial Projects


Meercode is a monitoring tool for your CI/CD builds.

It aggregates all your CI/CD data into a single unified dashboard from various CI/CD providers such as GitHub, GitLab, Travis, Azure, Bitrise, and more…

I’ve created GraphQL backend with NestJS, started with Github Actions and then added other providers. It was a challenging project to aggregate data from different providers, provide real-time updates without hitting rate limits.

Since all providers have a different way of providing data, I had to create a unified data model and provide a single GraphQL schema for all providers.

Also provided Insights & Metrics data, with the help of Elasticsearch.

Tech Stack:


Developed a series of interactive applications for Turkcell to be used in their retail stores’ TV screens.

These TV screens had very limited resources (CPU, RAM), unsing an ancient version of chromium.

On the client-side, the main challenge was to create interactive applications with smooth animations and transitions while keeping the memory usage low and consuming real-time data through websockets.

Svelte was the perfect choice for these projects, since it’s very lightweight and has a very small footprint with no runtime.

Tech Stack:

Wheel of Fortune

In this game, after entering their phone number and verifying it with an SMS code, users can spin the wheel and win various prizes.

Turkcell provided a prize-pool for us, to be distributed during the campaign period. I’ve created an algorithm to distribute the prizes almost-randomly. Challenge was to not give away all the prizes in the first few days, but also keep giving prizes until the last day. This algorithm was running every hour, distributing prizes based on remaining prizes and days.

Trivia Quiz

In this game, after entering their phone number and verifying it with an SMS code, users are asked to asked to answer 5 questions in 30 seconds. They win prizes based on correct answers and elapsed time.

Live Poster

This application is used to display live posters, created by Turkcell’s marketing team, on the TV screens. They create posters with various layouts and animations, and publish them to the TV screens, schedule them to be displayed at a specific time period based on the store’s location.

Personal Projects


Haf is a fully typed 🔒, cross-platform, persistent 💾 JSON storage ⚙️ solution for your NodeJS projects with a great developer experience!


Popita - Meeting Agenda Tracker

Named after my beloved dog, Popita. It’s a simple chrome extension for tracking meeting agendas.


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